Willow parents are very involved in all aspects of the school from helping to develop policy at Board level to speaking to the boys in their classrooms during Science Week or attending monthly meetings with the Principal on behalf of parents as a class rep.

During the lockdown, parents have still supported the school but this has been done in a limited and controlled manner in accordance with COVID guidelines.

Here are some of the ways that parents are generally involved in the school. You might like to get involved in some capacity in the future – post Covid.





Every class generally selects two parents at the start of the school year to act as their class representatives.

The role of the class rep is to develop a contact list of parents and to ensure these parents are informed of all school business. They organise events such as regular coffee mornings and social events at Christmas and at the end of the year. A key responsibility is to collect GDPR consent forms from parents.

Class reps attend monthly WPA meetings where they learn of developments in the school. They later distribute their notes and minutes from these meetings to their class whatsapp group.


A team of parent volunteers produce Willow Weekly which is the school newsletter.  Willow Weekly is emailed to parents each Thursday evening.  It features stories, photos, and videos of school activities.  

To receive the newsletter, parents must email their request along with the name and class of their son(s) to willowweekly@gmail.com.  On the third week of every month, Willow Weekly features activities of the boys outside of the school.  Parents can send in brief details and photos about their son to willowweekly@gmail.com.   The deadline to receive any information is Tuesday evening.   


Willow Park is a diverse school with pupils from all over the world in our classrooms. Their parents can get involved in the Willow International Network (WIN) which supports them in settling into the school and Ireland in general. As well as hosts the annual International Day to share their culture with the students at Willow.  If you'd like to join WIN, email WillowInternationalNetwork@gmail.com


Parents are encouraged to volunteer for events organised during the school year –and there are a lot of them!

But a person must first be Garda vetted before they can volunteer in any capacity. They can get the relevant forms and information from their class rep or school receptionist.  Garda vetting can times can vary depending on time of year.  Please contact the school for the most up-to-date lead times.

Once Garda vetted and approved, parents can volunteer to join a Committee which has been formed to organise a specific annual event such as Arts Week or Science Week.  There are also regular events where a rota of volunteers is developed such as for coffee/tea stand during Saturday morning rugby. Parents with children who are involved in swimming can volunteer for poolside supervision.





This Committee has a central role in helping to organise activities in the school.  It organises volunteers for all events and even funds some activities.  The school Principal, Committee and Class Reps meet every month to discuss the activities of the school.      

The members of the current Committee are: 

  • Fiona McKone – Chair

  • Claudette Burke – Vice Chair

  • Tricia Finnegan – Treasurer

  • Caroline Lynch – Secretary

  • Bernadette Shanahan – Event Leader 

  • Maya Xourafas – Event Leader 

A new Committee is elected annually at the end of the school year.  Any parent can put their name forward to join the Committee.   


Parents are also involved in School Committees such as the Charity Committee which is chaired by Willow parent Jane Duffy Lynch.  The Medical Committee provided invaluable advice to the school during the Covid pandemic.


The school’s Board of management has two parent representatives who serve on the Board for three years.  Our current representatives are Dr. Siun Murphy and John Hannon.  They were elected to the Board in October 2020 by the general parent body.  The online election was managed by the school.

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Many families kindly make financial contributions to the school - often anonymously.  The school was able to purchase air purifiers during  Covid 19  because many families generously agreed to purchase the purifiers for the classrooms.  Some parents also contribute to the success of events through sponsorship or providing products at reduced rates.